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When I woke up (from a dream about race tracks and jewels and surgeons) it was raining very hard. I almost gave my child-size umbrella to an older couple on my way to work but for some reason I stopped myself and felt guilty about it after. Maybe it wouldn’t have helped though, the drops were bouncing so violently off the street.The coffee this morning is good, my vision is so hazy that I can barely see, I just heard someone say the phrase “you’d recognize the colours" and it made me think of colours as friends or acquaintances…and if they were, my best friend would be green and when spring comes and it starts blooming out of the sky I would recognize it and rush over to say hello…

I tell my students, ‘When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. This is not just a grab-bag candy game.’
—Toni Morrison (via thisislove)

I keep picturing myself walking home and crumbling into the little odd bits of myself until my kneecaps are rolling in opposite directions and my head is lodged under a car somewhere. That sounds morbid but it keeps making me laugh, which is exactly what I need these days.


Wanda Koop - Magic Hour 


Wanda Koop - Magic Hour 

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Matthias Heiderich, 2013.

I just bought a glossy watercolour greeting card to write back to a lovely couple whose attention I do not deserve. What would happen if I dyed my hair a subtle turquoise? I can see where the ink on this letter hasn’t dried yet but I will close it and put it in its envelope anyway. I wrote about how it’s a nice day and I look forward to playing tennis when I get off work, which is a lie because I played tennis this morning and I don’t plan on playing twice. I plan on going home and thinking about how I feel stress most in my throat, and how my throat has been acting up a lot lately and pretending there is no correlation.

Yuji HamadaPrimal Mountain

You gotta keep the step. You gotta limber up. You gotta loosen what you bolted down. You gotta use all you got. We know you’re tired, tired and scared. Happens to everyone, okay? Just don’t let your feet stop.
—Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance   (via thatkindofwoman)



she said … radical libertarianism …. *tears up*


hell yeah